Airflow Workstation

Airflow Workstation – Mobile, Vertical, Horizontal Laminar Airflow Workstation

An Air flow unit is an cleanroom equipment meant for protecting the work zone or equipment from noxious particulate matters. Airflow Workstation is very important to maintain a clean work zone in order to churn out maximum efficiency from the available machines. Additionally, the contaminants have a tendency to ruin the components of machine thus affecting their workability and efficiency.

There are four main types of an air flow unit: Laminar airflow workstation, Horizontal laminar airflow hood/bench/cabinet, Vertical laminar air flow hood/bench/cabinet, Mobile laminar air flow. A laminar airflow workstation has the air flow in vertical direction. It is accompanied with a LED/UV light. This machine can be accommodated with polycarbonate or glass side panel as per the requirement.

The horizontal laminar airflow hood/bench/cabinet maintains a clean environment by making it free from bacteria. As the name suggests, the air flow is in horizontal direction. The machine cabinet is fabricated using SS 304/316, which makes the structure sturdy and durable. It requires a single phase power supply of 220V, 50 Hz. Vertical laminar air flow hood/bench/cabinet is preferred to maintain purity in plant tissue culture, experimentation of precision electronic parts, etc. The side and front panel is made up using polycarbonate or glass. The mobile laminar flow machine is probably the most user friendly air flow unit. It has a grill made from stainless steel for HEPA protection.