Sampling and Dispensing Booth

Sampling and Dispensing Booth – Reverse Laminar Air Flow

The sampling and dispensing booth is designed in a manner to allow mixed air flow stream for the product, operator, and environment. The emitted dust powders have a lot of hazardous impacts and thus their outflow must be kept in check. The dispensing booth is basically partial purifying equipment provided with a HEPA filter. This filter eliminates the airborne dust by using down draught technique. Advantages of this sampling dispensing booth are that it includes no risk of inhalation of powders and is easy to clean. This dispensing booth handles the powder under aseptic conditions and ensures that there is no cross-contamination.

The main principle behind reverse laminar airflow is that it makes use of negative pressure inside the booth. This pressure prevents the escape of fine powder from the work area to the external environment. The downward flowing direction of air turns out to be very beneficial as it provides full protection to the operator & the product. The sampling dispensing booth is designed following all the GMP guidelines and has a vertical downflow of air. This dispensing booth is a highly compact unit with a good operational unit. The Sampling and Dispensing Booth requires an electric supply of 220V, 50 Hz for a smooth operation.